Is it possible to be an entrepreneur in a corporate environment?

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This was the question posed by one of the presenters at a recent Recruiter magazine event.

I certainly think so. I’m not sure how any corporate business can thrive without some degree of entrepreneurial spirit.

Many of our consultants work in a predominately corporate environment but they’d struggle to succeed and differentiate themselves if they didn’t show an entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s such an important skill for us that ‘enterprising’ is one of our core values and we encourage everyone within the team to think freely and generate ideas. In fact, we see this as one of the key ways in which we set ourselves apart. It also goes hand in hand with our ‘people’ value which means we put people first. You can’t be entrepreneurial without people and you can’t have success without being entrepreneurial in some way.

Of course there are modes of behaviour dictated by certain corporate environments that may, on the surface, seem to hamper entrepreneurism but the key is about understanding the parameters of a corporate environment and working within those. A corporate environment should be a facilitator to entrepreneurism not a blocker!

How is entrepreneurism thriving in your organisation?

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